Drink Menu

Bottomless Cup $3.25
Pour Over
8oz $2.50 | 12oz $3.25 | 16oz $4
Shot $2.50 | Macchiato $3
Cappuccino $3.50 | Latte 10oz $4 | 16oz $4.75
Extra Shot $1
Add homemade flavor $.50
Bianco Latte $5.50
Chai Latte 12oz $4 | 16oz $5.25
Homemade Hot Chocolate $3
Loose-Leaf Teas $2

House Specialty Drinks
The Breakfast Bloody $8
Fresh Sangria $8
Lattetini (warm or cold) $9
Chai Russiantini $9

Infused Mimosas
The original $5
Strawberry | Strawberry Basil | Pineapple | Pineapple Basil | Blueberry | Raspberry | Chocolate Raspberry

Big Wood Coffee Stout | Dogfish 90min IPA | Spotted Cow | Blue Moon | Corona |Angry Orchard | Coors Light
Wine by the glass also available

Bakery Menu

Here’s where The Creamery harbors all the cream. If you’re looking for cream to cut through that rich cup of coffee, you’ve come to the right place. Creamery pastries are made fresh, daily from the finest ingredients (no mixes here folks). Flavors may vary from day to day, but you can always count on fresh pastries when you visit The Creamery!

Baked Oatmeal
Bagel + Cream Cheese
Fruit + Yogurt + Granola Parfait
Fruit Smoothie

We also offer a gluten friendly line of baked goods for our G-free friends on weekends. Although we do not maintain a completely gluten free kitchen, our gluten friendly pastries are made with all gluten-free ingredients. Your mouth will thank you now, and your belly will thank you later. Ask a Creamery Crew Member about this weekend’s gluten friendly pastry options!

Breakfast Menu

We offer a unique twist on breakfast as well as your traditional breakfast too! Our focus is on freshness and quality with an emphasis on creativity as well. Join us for a breakfast experience like no other in the area! There are also many lunch options from sandwiches to our signature espresso burger with salads available.

View/Download our menu here.

Feature Menu

The Creamery’s feature menu is a menu created and changed daily by us! We do this to keep you on your toes! Mind you this is a smaller selective menu but this is where the real creativity comes out!!

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  • River K

    I went there twice. The first time was so good, I wanted to go again soon after. The 2nd time was not good. The first time when I ordered a burger I was asked what I wanted with it. As a normal person, I wanted fries. The 2nd time I came, I was not asked. For $15 I recieved a plate with a total of a whopping 5 “fries” on it. I ate a few and they tasted bad or uncooked or both. Later when I asked about the “fries” I was then informed they are celery root. I CANT EAT CELERY without getting horribly sick because I cant digest it. Luckily, celery root and celery are not the exact same plant, so I didnt get sick. However, when a normal person expects fries with their food and isnt asked, and then recieves something that looks like fries, and then later finally being told that its something you may be allergic to, you are not happy. If I ever do go back, I am definitely going to ask about the fries before I order, and if the only option is celery root, I will have to leave. Besides, they tasted awful. The celery “fries” are just one thing of the many that were bad on my 2nd visit. My view of The Creamery is now significantly diminished. I will likely go back again, and if the food and service is the same, there will definitely not be a 4th.